Dick Mann Passes away at 87.


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Dec 9, 2020
I just read a news article that Dick Mann passed away yesterday at 87. What a fine gentleman and racer he was.



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Dec 20, 2020
In a sport that is overloaded with icons, Dick Mann stands quietly among the most influential. I say "stands" rather than stood because despite his passing his influence and innovation continues to show in every facet of this sport. Many men (and women) have demonstrated excellence in racing. Many have worked off the track to bring developments that have changed motorcycle racing. A few others have worked to improving the actual sport - it's presentation and operation and It's relationship with the most important element, the riders. Dick Mann did all that and more and he did it without seeking a platform to tell everyone he had. Bugsy Mann made a living from motorcycle racing but he gave much more back than it gave him and he did it at a time when just competing - even at the GNC level - was beyond what most today would consider worth doing. Yet Bugs (and many others) not only did it, he excelled. Most are oblivious to the advances they take for granted today that have Dick Mann's thumbprint on them.

Rest in peace Dick Mann.
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