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Mar 1, 2021
I've crushing on these flat track/street track bikes for over a year now. I picked up an 1982 Honda Xr500 with hopes of converting it.

I finally got the thing running, and now I need to start gathering the part for the front end, however Im not really sure where to start.
I need to get forks and a wheel... What recommendations do you have on brands, models, bolt-ons?

Thanks in advance.


Dec 4, 2020
It is way easy to spend $5K-6K or more over time and end up with a $2.5K motorcycle at the end. It is expensive and work intensive to build a FT bike. Look for something that is already 80-90% complete and don't over pay for it. Try not to be a parts collector unless you have a plan. Be prepare to trade/negotiate, etc. and always be on the lookout for deals with cash to move on it when it arrives.
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Dec 11, 2020
A streettracker or a racer? I've got a front spool with a 2.15 alum rim and good spokes sitting around collecting dust. The nipples are a little rusty but other than that its usable. 175.00+ shipping