Rider or ride???


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Dec 20, 2020
Much has been made of the domination of AFT super-twins racing by the Indian FTR750. It's not completely unlike the previous decades-long domination of the H-D XR750. Since 1971 there have been a few bright spots where "other brands" have presented a real challenge to the reigning brand. We had the RS750 Hondas in the 80's, and the Kawasaki in the 2000's for instance. Prior to the alloy XR, I feel was the true glory days of rider ability. The bikes were fairly well matched unless someone had a little something extra up his sleeve. ;) Since then, other brands have been on the podium sporadically clearly due to rider ability. Jake Johnson immediately comes to mind! This begs the old question, is winning more a factor of the rider or the bike?

Sure, one cannot do it without help from the other, and when bike and rider are both the top of the game, they're unbeatable, but lacking some special standout talent, on a day to day, race to race basis, what's you opinion? Which is more important? Can a mediocre rider on a hot bike beat the top guys, or the top rider on a regular bike??? :unsure: